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Who we are

Wholesale Techs was founded to offer different types of Electronics Hardware, such as Computers, Laptops, Gaming Consoles, Motherboards, Hard drives, Pwersupplies, RAM's, Graphic Cards, Monitors, Switches, Servers, Keyboard, Mice, Cables, and more accessories.


Our mission is to restore trust and desire for refurbished devices, including but not limited to Networking devices & Hardware.

At Wholesale Techs, you can customize your refurbished desktop build, or laptop specs.

Find Great Deals on Gaming Consoles, Keyboards, Mice, Speakers, Headsets, Processors & more.

Our success is based on selling quality items that fit all budgets, as well as we offer to build and customize any Gaming Computer for our clients as per their own requirements.


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Why Wholesale Techs?

The refurbished devices have lived precious lives, chacked by experts, and are up to 70% cheaper!!


Every device is guaranteed to be 100% functional. When it comes to aesthetic appearance, you decide if you want something that looks totally pristine or want to pay a little less for something that shows a little more wear.

Everything is fully transparent.

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